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Complex Test


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Testing adhesives and sealants, protective polymeric coatings and polymeric repair compounds

    Estimation of initial characteristics of adhesives and sealants
  • Nominal Tensile Strength
  • Elongation at Break
  • Relative Residual Elongation
  • Shore Hardness
  • Compressive Strength
    Estimation of technological characteristics of adhesives and sealants
  • Working life
  • Dynamic viscosity, relative viscosity
  • Cure conditions
    Determining adhesive characteristics of adhesives and sealants in relation to different materials (substrates)
  • Joint breaking strength at tearing
  • Ultimate shear strength at friction
  • Adhesion strength at shearing
  • Adhesion strength at peeling

Estimation of adhesives’ and sealants’ resistance to thermal ageing and impact of corroding liquids in stress-free state.

Determining technical characteristics before and after impact.

Manufacturing test samples and models of fastening and sealing units and carrying out of technological tests and checks in conditions simulating operating ones, assessing characteristics after impact of operational factors.

Methodical part

Determination of physical and mechanical, adhesive and other technical characteristics is performed according to techniques of GOST (All-Union State Standards), OST (Branch standards), RD, adopted in the Russian Federation, as well as international ISO standards using certified devices and tools. According to results of tests performed, it is possible to approve adhesives and sealants in the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Federal Service of Sanitary-and-Epidemiologic Supervision.